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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a degree symbol in Google Docs?

Click in the document where you want to add the degree symbol. Select the “Insert” tab at the top of the window. Choose the “Special characters” option. Click the “Arrows” dropdown menu. ... Select the “Miscellaneous” option. Click the degree symbol to insert it. How do I insert symbols in Google Sheets?

How do you type degrees in Google Sheets?

How to Insert a Degree Symbol (°) in Google Sheets 1 Use the Keyboard Shortcut: ALT + 0176. Although there is no key on the keyboard for directly inserting the degree symbol, there is a simple keyboard shortcut for it. 2 Copy and Paste the Degree Symbol. ... 3 Insert Degree Symbol Using the CHAR Formula. ... 4 Use the Character Map. ...

How to type a degree symbol on a keyboard?

There is a Windows keyboard shortcut for inserting a degree symbol as well. You can press Alt + 0176 to add the symbol as well. Note that you need to use the numbers on your keyboard’s numeric keypad.

Where can I find the degree symbol for a geometry drawing?

As a Geometry teacher I need my drawings to have the degree symbol and I’m tired of drawing the little circle and placing it. Do a Google search for HTML degree symbol and go to a website like this: or

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