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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delegation doctrine law and legal definition?

Delegation Doctrine Law and Legal Definition. The Delegation doctrine is a principle limiting Congress's ability to transfer its legislative power to another governmental branch, especially the executive branch. This is based on the separation-of-powers concept. It says that the power to declare whether or not there shall be a law,...

What is the significance of the nondelegation doctrine?

Nondelegation Doctrine. The principle in administrative law that congress cannot delegate its legislative powers to agencies. Rather, when it instructs agencies to regulate, it must give them an "intelligible principle” on which to base their regulations. Whitman v. American Trucking Associations, Inc., 531 U.S.

Does the Supreme Court favor nondelegation or delegation?

While the principle of nondelegation persists, the Supreme Court has allowed a lot of delegation, so long as Congress includes intelligible principles to guide discretion. The Marshall Court ruled that Congress could delegate authority to the federal courts to adopt rules of process, Wayman v.

Is the scope of delegation doctrine 77 still relevant?

Concerns in the scholarly literature with respect to the scope of the delegation doctrine 77 have been reflected in the opinions of some of the Justices. 78 Nonetheless, the Court’s decisions continue to approve very broad delegations, 79 and the practice will likely remain settled.

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