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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the original members of delegation?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Delegation is a musical group formed in 1976 by Len Coley, Rick Bailey on lead vocals, Roddy Harris. The trio was soon discovered by music producer/songwriter, Ken Gold, who also wrote and produced the hits “You to Me Are Everything”, and “Can’t Get By Without You” for The Real Thing.

Is delegation a one hit wonder?

Delegation (band) Delegation was a British soul musical group with a lengthy career, and an amount of international success. They are generally viewed in the United States as a one-hit wonder, based on the crossover hit, "Oh Honey" (1978).

What happened to David Coley of delegation?

Coley left the band and Bruce Dunbar took his place. In 1979, Delegation released Eau De Vie, on the Ariola label and had international hits with "Heartache #9", "You And I" and the "Put A Little Love On Me".

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