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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are involved in the delegation process?

The process of delegation of authority comprises of four steps which are as follows: Assignment of Duties to Subordinates: Before the actual delegation of authority, the delegator must decide on the duties which he wants the subordinate or the group of subordinates to perform.

What three steps are involved in delegation?

According to Neman and Warren, the delegation process consists of 3 steps: Assign Specific duties to the individual. The delegation process involves granting appropriate authority to the subordinate -i.e. the subordinate must be given the right and power within the organization to accomplish the duties assigned.

What are the 5 rights for delegation?

The Five Rights of Delegation are: The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) allows for licensed nurses, namely RNs, to delegate tasks to LPNs, CNAs, and UAPs as long as certain criteria is met. First of all the nurse delegating the task must realize that s/he remains responsible for the task and the outcomes.

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