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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members are there in Delhi Assembly 2020?

AAP Legislative Assembly elections were held in Delhi on 8 February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Voters turnout was recorded at 62.82%, a decline of 4.65% from the previous assembly election in Delhi but 2.2% more than the 2019 Indian general election in Delhi.

How many Lok Sabha constituencies are there in Delhi?

Delhi is a union territory of India having its own legislative assembly and lieutenant governor. Delhi has 7 Lok Sabha constituencies. Voting for these constituencies was scheduled on May 12, 2019. 1,37,04,356 eligible voters decided the face of candidates amongst various political parties.

How many seats are there in Lok Sabha 2019?

General elections were held in India in April to May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. The BJP-led NDA won the elections. The phase-wise schedule, the number of seats in each phase and their State-wise break-up: Phase 1, 11 April 91 seats, 20 states

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