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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the resolution of Dell p2214hb?

Dell P2214HB 22″ 1920×1080 Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor VGA, DVI and Display Port 22″ Widescreen Lcd Tft Flat Panel 1920 x 1080 Full HD Max Resolution

What is the Dell 22 monitor | p2217h?

More productive than ever. The Dell 22 Monitor | P2217H brings a whole new level of productivity to the work place without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Purposefully designed for comfort and convenience: With a full range of adjustable features, slim borders and multiple connectivity ports.

Is the Dell p2214hb a scratch and Dent monitor?

Whether for corporate or home use, the scratch and dent Dell P2214HB maximizes the viewing experience. With the Dell P2214HB you can easily work on word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and Internet browsing with great monitor imaging.

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