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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach a good hospital?

I am a physician. Delray Medical Center may be fine for elective (non-emergency) and outpatient procedures. It is the trauma center for the surrounding area. But in the event of an emergency, it is important that patients and their families - especially the elderly - avoid this hospital.

Is Delray Medical Center an old fashioned hospital?

It became very obvious very quickly that Delray Medical Center remains an old fashioned, low-tech community hospital grafted onto a profit generating oncology/cardiac surgery center. This is a very common model. As soon as he arrived, before being seen by a physician, my father (complaining of pain) was given morphine.

Who is Delray Medical Center owned by?

Delray Medical Center is owned by the Tenet group, one of the largest for-profit hospital groups in the US. These hospitals can be identified by the teal stripe on their signs. When a settlement is calculated in a medical malpractice suit, the remaining years of a patient's life are taken into account.

Why Delray Medical Center for your ER visit?

Delray Medical Center offers the assistance of an ER Senior Services Navigator who will assist our patients with any questions they may have related to their ER visit. times, hospital visitation policies, checking in on-line and questions about safety protocols. our seniors with securing virtual speakers for their communities.

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