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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delray watch supply?

Delray Watch Supply was created on the belief that watch collectors deserve to speak with fellow watch enthusiasts when either buying or selling a watch. Founded by two long-time watch enthusiasts, the sense and feeling of community that was instilled into Delray Watch has become a vital core value that the company upholds in every sense.

Does Delray buy Rolex watches?

Delray Watch ’s website currently has 113 watches listed from 51 brands, and the company claims it is willing to buy pieces of any make. The difficulty of buying the most desirable pieces is exposed by the fact that it has just eight watches from Rolex on offer, eight from Omega and none from either Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe.

Is Delray watch a disruptive startup?

Delray Watch is one of the disruptive start-ups gaining traction in the United States with a business that is less than two years old but is already notching annualized sales of $3.3 million, according to its founders John Pietrasz and Federico Iossa.

Where can I get a watch repaired in Lake Worth?

“A long overdue review for a family owned and operated jewelry and watch/clock repair shop on the Main Street in downtown Lake Worth.” See all Arlex Jewelry Watches & Clocks reviews 1. Diamonds East International “ Ken and the entire staff were all very knowledgeable and have a enormous selection of luxury watches and jewelry on hand.

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