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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Deltarune be finished?

Well, we now know all thanks to the creator Fox that Deltarune's Chapter 2 is set to be finished before 2020 ends. That's saying something for the progress. Keep in mind that Deltarune's Chapter 2 was more complex to design because it has more complicated systems and graphics.

Will Deltarune Chapter 2 be free?

Even more exciting was the fact that Fox made Deltarune Chapter 2 completely free. However, it won’t stay that way forever. According to Fox, the final three chapters of the role-playing video game will come with a price tag.

Is Deltarune Chapter 2 on Switch yet?

Deltarune just got an update, but it’s not on Switch yet Two weeks ago, Deltarune Chapter 2 finally launched, three years after the original demo of the game. Ever vigilant, developer Toby Fox and his team have been listening to player feedback and issuing updates to improve the overall experience.

Is Deltarune finished?

Toby Fox released the first chapter of a new RPG, called Deltarune, on October 31, 2018. Fox admits this three-hour chapter is all of Deltarune that he currently has, and the rest of the game is still years away from being finished. Which is a little disappointing, as we love what he's created so far.

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