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Frequently Asked Questions

How to forecast the demand for a product?

The first method to forecast demand is the rolling mean of previous sales. At the end of Day n-1, you need to forecast demand for Day n, Day n+1, Day n+2. Calculate the average sales quantity of last p days: Rolling Mean (Day n-1, …, Day n-p) Apply this mean to sales forecast of Day n, Day n+1, Day n+2

What is mL and how does it affect demand forecasting?

ML can predict future weather patterns at the local level and identify how it connects to local demand patterns. ML can also determine if a lag exists between the weather changes and the demand of products on a real-time basis. The life cycle of a product plays a critical role in demand forecasting.

What is demanddemand forecasting and how does it work?

Demand forecasting helps organizations optimize their supply chain, sales, and marketing operations and prevent from having an excessive amount of goods in stock or out-of-stock situations: Improving accuracy by time: Machine learning algorithms learn from existing data and make better predictions over time.

What is machine learning and how does it affect demand forecasting?

Machine learning carries demand forecasting to the next step; it enables enhanced forecasts based on real-time data using internal and external data sources such as demographics, weather, online reviews and social media.

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