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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Dentrix hub forms?

The Dentrix Hub Forms are managed through Dentrix, and they appear for your patients in the Patient Portal, the Kiosk Check In process, or from any link provided to a patient that leads them through the New Patient Journey (Check In). Different forms can be published for both existing and new patients.

How can Dentrix help you rise above today's challenges?

Rising above today’s challenges requires proven, integrated technology that simplifies business management -- so you can focus on patients. See why 35,000 teams use Dentrix to run stronger practices. What Dentrix Dentists Say . . .

What is Dentrix Mobile?

"Dentrix Mobile is another tool that makes Dentrix software such a complete package. There are occasions when I am away from the office and I need to have access to my patient’s information. Dentrix Mobile does that and more."

What is the Dentrix Practice Advisor?

"The Dentrix Practice Advisor provides solutions a practice can truly implement to accomplish their goals…It will make a significant difference in the dental practice for dentists, their team and their patients."

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