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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in to Demandforce live?

1. Double-click the Demandforce Live icon on your desktop. 2. Enter your Demandforce portal credentials. 3. Click Sign In. The first time that Demandforce Live is launched, a Welcome screen will allow you to configure your auto-login & app notification settings. Follow these instructions to configure app settings upon the initial launch.

What can Demandforce do for You?

Send quick updates phone number. Now compatible with MMS! a Mobile Check-In appointment process. forms from the safety of their vehicles. patients, or getting your business found online - Demandforce can help. Measurable results you can see. Reduce no-shows with automated reminders.

How do I uninstall Demandforce live on Windows 10?

1. Click the spotlight icon at the top-right of your desktop, and type “Applications” to search for applications. 2. Find “Applications” in the results, & double-click it. 3. Find Demandforce Live in the list of applications. 4. Click & hold Demandforce Live and move the application to the trash bin at the bottom of your desktop.

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