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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Demandforce best for?

Contact Demandforce for pricing information or a quote. Features are displayed in alphabetical order. Best For: We cover industries including auto, healthcare, home and professional services, hospitality, realtors, wellness, transport, digital marketers, web agencies, SEO companies & more.

What does ddemandforce mean?

Demandforce Pricing Plans: Demandforce is a marketing automation and reputation management software designed as a solution for different industries. Those in the dental, medical, spa and salon, automotive, and veterinary niches especially can be assisted by this product.

How to reduce no-shows with Demandforce?

With Demandforce, professionals are able to reduce no-shows and delegate the freed time block to other interested customers or patients. The application enables this by automatically sending appointment reminders and confirmations to the clientele. This allows clients to inform their appointment whether or not they will arrive on time or at all.

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