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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Nezuko so popular in Demon Slayer?

Not surprisingly, Nezuko has become popular among both male and female fans of the Demon Slayer anime, which is a rare achievement for any anime character to accomplish. While the reasons both sides of the fandom like can vary in reasons, there’s just no denying that she has turned out to be one of the most lovable characters from the series.

What is Nezuko's character like?

Behind the muzzle, Nezuko is exceptionally brave. Upon becoming a Demon, she is brazen and willing to fight anyone who is a threat to her brother and allies. She rushes into battle, especially when Tanjirou is in danger. Sometimes this can border on reckless, like when she loses a limb after kicking Susamaru's mari ball.

How does Nezuko prove Giyu wrong?

Nezuko immediately proves Giyu wrong when she fights to protect Tanjirou. Throughout the series, Nezuko is one of the few demons who is friendly and docile. She goes to show not all demons are malicious and aggressive. Having once been human, she retains some of her emotions, as she has been seen to cry and smile.

How does Nezuko feel about Tamayo and Yushiro?

However, knowing Tamayo and Yushiro are kind and helpful towards humans, she sees them as she would other humans. Sankonji's influence helps Nezuko and Tanjirou as a duo, as they both defeat demons for the sake of protecting humans. After Tanjirou returns to find his family slaughtered, he senses Nezuko still breathing.

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