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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 density dependent factors?

What Are Density-Dependent Factors?Disease. Diseases are an example of a density-dependent factor. ...Parasitism. Mosquitos have an intermittent parasitic relationship with humans. ...Predation. Predation is another density-dependent factor. ...Competition. Within a larger population of rabbits, each individual rabbit would experience an increased strain of competition with its fellow rabbits.

What are the examples sentence of density independent factors?

density-independent in a sentenceProbably density-independent factors are more important at the edge of the range of a species .Density - independent factorIn order to understand the nature of the ecologist ' s investigation , we may think of the density - dependent effects on growth parameters as the “ signal ” ...It's difficult to see density-independent in a sentence .

When do density dependent factors operate most strong?

Density-dependent factors operate only when the population density reaches a certain level. These factors operate most strongly when a population is large and dense. They do not affect small, scattered populations as greatly.

What are three examples of density dependent limiting factors?

Some common examples of density-dependent limiting factors include:Competition within the population. When a population reaches a high density, there are more individuals trying to use the same quantity of resources.Predation.Disease and parasites.Waste accumulation.

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