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Frequently Asked Questions

What is density independent factor in biology?

density-independent factor, also called limiting factor, in ecology, any force that affects the size of a population of living things regardless of the density of the population (the number of individuals per unit area). Density-independent factors often arise from physical and chemical (rather than biological) phenomena.

What are density-dependent limiting factors?

Density-dependent factors are limiting factors that contribute to determining carrying capacity while depending on the density of the population. That is, density-dependent factors tend to be more strongly effective at regulating population growth once a population reaches a certain range or level.

What are some examples of density independence in nature?

These plants and animals die, irrespective of how dense their population was. They could also have been the last of their species or one in a billion. Like the other density independent factors, pollution is also one of the good examples of density independence.

Is food density dependent or density independent?

Food is almost always a density dependent factor, because if the population gets too big the food abundance will quickly turn to a food shortage. Density independent factors would be things like temperature and tornadoes, which would affect the mice regardless of their current or future density.

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