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Frequently Asked Questions

Which density is more water or milk?

Water is more dense. So the density of the remaining milk is higher. The density of milk fat is 0.93 , lower then that of skim milk ( defated milk) which is 1.035…hence remove cream ( 30–80% fat) ..the density of milk increases Have you ever googled yourself?

What is the range of relative density of milk?

“The density of milk varies within the range of 1027 to 1033 kg m(-3) at 20° C. The density of Milk varies from1.032 kg/L to 1.035 kg/L. the density can go as low as1.026 kg/L under certain conditions. The density of milk depends on the density of the components present in the milk”

Which is denser, water or milk?

What we basically have is that milk in all forms is slightly denser than water. Milk is naturally homogenized, but if you let it set awhile, the cream rises to the top. However, commercially homogenized milk retains its consistency (unless you freeze or boil it).

Can we use hydrometer to measure the density of milk?

In the milk industry, your hydrometer can be calibrated for measuring grams per milliliter or for the specific gravity scale. Milk has a density of 1.03 grams per milliliter at 25 degrees Celsius and a specific gravity of 1.035. On a milk hydrometer calibrated for grams per milliliter, you'll see markings for 1 and 2 and 1A and 2A.

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