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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DesignTex a good brand?

Designtex is a commercial-grade textiles company based in the USA. Designtex fabrics are reliable, durable and the most affordable fabrics. Find lots of wools, felts, tweeds, textured, and geometric pattern fabrics in this extensive commercial line.

How much does DesignTex upholstery cost?

Usually sold to the trade only, we make this amazing fabric line available to the public and we sell this upholstery fabric by-the-yard. From $10 - $35 per yard, Designtex fabrics offer something for any upholstery project, modern to mid century modern to traditional.

Why choose Toto fabric from DesignTex?

When you’re looking for modern upholstery fabric, Toto offers hundreds of options from Designtex, all at amazing wholesale prices. Designtex products are made to hold up under the toughest conditions, often used in public spaces.

What is DesignTex Celliant?

Designtex Celliant is a proprietary textile backing. It's clinically proven to harness and recycle a person's energy, providing a boost and improving wellbeing. Improved circulation, better thermoregulation, and increased energy — naturally powered by the body. How it works. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the benefits of Designtex Celliant.

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