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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dfsf stand for?

The Dubai Financial Support Fund (the DFSF) was established in 2009 by virtue of the Emirate of Dubai Law No. 24 of 2009, Concerning the Establishment of the Dubai Financial Support Fund, (as amended), as a public corporation with full legal independence with an affiliation to the Department of Finance for the Government of Dubai.

How is the dfsf managed?

The Fund is managed by a board of directors appointed by H. H. the Ruler of Dubai and has a direct reporting line to Supreme Fiscal Committee of the Emirate of Dubai (the "SFC") and the day to day operations of the DFSF is managed by an Executive Director, who is appointed by the Chairman of the Executive Council for the Emirate of Dubai.

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Is the government of Dubai liable for the dfsf's debts?

With the DFSF being an independent public corporation with its own legal personality, the Government of Dubai shall not be liable for any debts or obligations claimed from the DFSF or its subsidiary corporations or commercial companies.

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