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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you support Diabetes Canada on social media?

Use our social media stickers and gifs available on any social platform (just search “Diabetes Canada”). For the millions of Canadians affected by this disease!

What are the dates of FND Awareness Month?

FND Awareness Day - April 13* World Congress on Cardiac Nursing and Cardiology - April 14 to 15 Advance Care Planning Day – April 16 Canadian Infertility Awareness Week - April 18 to 24

What does the calendar include for health awareness?

The calendar features health awareness: Events marked with an asterisk (*) take place on the same day every year. These events are either promoted by recognized health organizations or recognized in the professional health community.

When is thyroid month in Canada?

June is Thyroid Month in Canada Intergenerational Day Canada – June 1 World Environment Day - June 5* National Health and Fitness Day - June 5

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