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Frequently Asked Questions

Is diabetes a non communicable disease?

Science has always said no; diabetes is “noncommunicable.” But a new study raises the scary possibility that spouses and partners may be at increased risk.

Can primary care physician treat diabetes?

Primary doctor: Your primary care doctor is who you see for general checkups and when you get sick. This person is usually an internist or family medicine doctor who has experience treating people with diabetes, too. Because your primary care doctor is your main source of care, he or she will most likely head up your diabetes care team.

Is American Diabetes Association accredited?

American Diabetes Association Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. The American Diabetes Association has been recognized once again as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited charity for its accountability practices. This accreditation was presented by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance (Alliance).

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