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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dick’s Burgers real meat?

All Dick’s burgers are made with 100% REAL beef, delivered fresh and never frozen. Our locally made buns are delivered fresh each day. Deluxe: Two 1/8 pound grilled patties, with melted cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickle relish.

Is there a Dick's hamburgers in Spokane WA?

Locations. There is also a Dick's Hamburgers restaurant in Spokane. Although this is a drive-in, operated in much the same manner as the five drive-in locations of the Seattle chain (and with a larger menu), it is not affiliated with Dick's Drive-In.

How much does Dick’s drive-in pay?

How does Dick’s Drive-In pay workers $19 an hour with a menu completely under $5? Check out the Kent Grand Opening on December 12th, 2018. This is the 7th Dick’s Drive-In and first location South of Seattle. Burger fans rejoiced when Dick’s Drive-In opened their first new restaurant in 37 years!

What is the menu like at Dick's restaurants?

The simple menu has changed little over time. It features fast-food staples such as hamburgers, hand-cut french fries, and individually made milkshakes. Dick's is particularly well known for the "Dick's Deluxe," which includes lettuce, mayonnaise, and chopped pickles.

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