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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fulfill my Dickinson certification requirement?

Fulfillment of this requirement may take the form of college-level courses for which credit is earned at Dickinson (or transferred from another institution) or through certification based on approved testing without the posting of college credit.

What is the graduation process like at Dickinson University?

OF DICKINSON GRADS ARE EMPLOYED, completing an INTERNSHIP, attending GRADUATE SCHOOL, or pursuing a FELLOWSHIP within one year of graduation. 93% completed an internship, externship, research, service-learning or field experience course.

Is Dickinson College a good school?

Dickinson College Reviews. From an educational standpoint, Dickinson is a good school that offers diverse courses and has a supporting faculty that is engaged and passionate. The issue is the student life and the administration.

What is dickdickinson College?

Dickinson College is an intellectual and social community that values justice, free inquiry, diversity, and equal opportunity. It is a fundamental policy of the college to respect pluralism, civility and mutual understanding within its community.

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