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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best offline dictionary app?

Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android1. Dictionary - Merriam-Webster 2. .com App 3. Wordnet free dictionary 4. Dictionary - WordWeb 5. U-Dic...

How do you Translate Google to English?

Using Any Browser Open a new tab (ctrl-t) or window in your internet browser. Navigate to Google Translate. Copy and past the URL you want to translate into the left-most box. Set "English" as the language you want on the right-hand box and hit "Translate.". Click the address on the right-hand side of the page.

What does Google mean in English?

Google uses the word "Google" to represent the vast amount of resources available on the Internet. "Google" comes from the word "Googol", is said to be due to the spelling of the error generated. The word can now also be used as a verb, for example, "google something" means in the google search engine search for "something" this keyword!

What is the translation of Google?

The Google Translate is an online service application where the word documents are translated to the desirable language of the users. Any word files inhabiting in the hard drive of a client, can be translated to any enviable lingo in an uncomplicated fashion by this application toolkit.

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