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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good didgeridoo?

Thin, hard walled didgeridoos were believed to possess the best sounds. As a matter of fact, good sounding didgeridoos can be made out of plastic, glass, ceramics and other hard tubing that possess excellent sounds. The proof, however, of a good didgeridoo is in the playing.

Is a didgeridoo a woodwind or percussion instrument?

Didgeridoos are utterly distinctive woodwind instruments, unique to Australian Aboriginal culture. The didgeridoo (also known as a didjeridu or didge) is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia at least 1,500 years ago and is still in widespread usage today both in Australia and around the world.

Where to buy a didgeridoo?

Buying Aboriginal Art and Didgeridoos in Darwin in Northern Territory Australia • Thursday nights and Sunday nights at Mindil Sunset Markets from May till October is where you can find a real bargain. Generally there are 2-3 stalls such as in these photo's. Prices range from $60 to approx. $250.

How is a traditional didgeridoo made?

How a Traditional Didgeridoo is Made. Traditionally, a didgeridoo was made from a eucalyptus tree that was eaten out by termites. In the northern part of Australia, where the didgeridoo originated, the type of eucalyptus tree was usually the Wooly Butt gum, or, another kind the Stringy Box gum.

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