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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by dielectric?

Dielectric(noun) any substance or medium that transmits the electric force by a process different from conduction, as in the phenomena of induction; a nonconductor. separating a body electrified by induction, from the electrifying body.

What is the function of a dielectric?

Dielectric Function. The dielectric function of a material describes the electrical and optical properties versus frequency, wavelength, or energy. It describes the polarization (electric polarizability) and absorption properties of the material.

What is dielectric in physics?

In physics, dielectric dispersion is the dependence of the permittivity of a dielectric material on the frequency of an applied electric field. Because there is a lag between changes in polarization and changes in the electric field, the permittivity of the dielectric is a complicated function of frequency of the electric field.

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