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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of store is Dillards?

Dillards is a chain of department stores typically found in malls around North America. The company has over 200 stores in the US, and has been in business since 1938. As a department store, Dillards specializes in a wide variety of items, like clothing, handbags, beauty supplies, lingerie, and kids ware.

How do I contact Dillard customer service?

Call 1-800-DILLARD (800-345-5273) Monday-Saturday: 7AM-10PM CST Sunday: 9AM-7PM CST Text With Us (501-200-9660)

What kind of bracelet does Daisy's Dillard's have?

A Pretty Pink, White and Gold Tone Bracelet with Daisy's Dillard's. additional 20% off!! coupon code, Do Not Buy! Read description for more info

Does Dillards do beauty boxes?

Dillards has, in addition to their department sales, a Beauty Box program for their cosmetic lines that features a variety of product heavily discounted within a ‘loot’ box. Dillards offered several savings options during Cyber Monday last year, including 65% off various brands and supplies.

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