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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GnuRadio DRM?

GNURadio DRM blocksAll the power of GNURadio and DRM together! This recent Felix Wunsch work implements a DRM transmitter in this stage, and in a next stage will also implement a DRM receiver. Comes with gnuradio-companion examples supporting both file and USRP outputs.

What is the best DRM decoder software for radio?

Open source receiver control software with decoding of DRM, FM, CW, AM, DSB and SSB. May be used with Dream. >> Winrad receiver software Fraunhofer DRM Software Radio The official DRM decoder based on Fraunhofer's software. Requires purchase of a license key for activation. >> Fraunhofer DRM Radio Dream DRM Decoder Software

What is the best drm30/drm+ receiver?

There are some good options in order to receive and transmit DRM30 and DRM+ currently available. qt-drmplusQT-based SDR DRM+ receiver with librtlsdr as frontend. DreamThe great free software DRM30 receiver and transmitter.

What DRM modes does the software support?

The software supports all code rates, bandwidths and robustness modes (A, B, C, D, E) published in the DRM standard as well as all mapping schemes, such as Standard Mapping with 4, 16 and 64 QAM, Symmetrical Hierarcical Mapping and Mixed Hierarchical Mapping.

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