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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of directed?

Definition of directed. 1 : subject to supervision or regulation a directed reading program for students. 2 : having a positive or negative sense directed line segment. Keep scrolling for more.

What is directechs? harnesses the power of our world-class Technical and Engineering teams, and delivers it right to your finger tips. Flash vehicle-specific firmware solutions directly to your Directed interface module from the website.

What is directed's directwire?

Directed's state-of-the-art DirectWire database provides detailed information on nearly 8,000 vehicles. View detailed Directed product compatibility information for every vehicle, and how to implement these solutions. Directed is consistently rated for having the industry’s best online tech support.

Does directed have a support structure for installers?

Clearly this is a long-time priority for Directed, which believes in a multi-faceted support structure for the thousands of installers at our authorized retailers. While Directed is proud to support our installers by phone, e-mail, and in the field, plays a key role in their success.

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