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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you ever buy eyeglasses online?

You can keep more money in your pocket by ordering glasses online, but you generally will get more personalized service at an optical store. Some glasses wearers who have weighed these pluses and minuses take a hybrid approach to get the best of both worlds.

How to identify authentic designer eyeglasses?

Authentic designer eyewear usually has consistent branding with logos placed on the lense, the legs or on the nose buds. We’ll get into some specifics later in this article, but it’s good to look for consistency in font, size and color, matching the logo in question with the authentic one, as well as any typos in the name.

Where can you order eyeglasses online?

You can take your EyeGlass Numbers and pupillary distance number and order glasses online at these online eyeglass retailers: Zenni Optical, Glasses USA, and EyeBuy Direct.

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