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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premier Access on Disney+?

Premier Access is a $30 one-time fee to watch a movie early before it’s released to all Disney+ subscribers. You are choosing to purchase one movie; therefore, it doesn’t include any prior or future Premier Access movies.

How many movies are on Disney plus Premier Access right now?

Disney has released five movies via Premier Access on Disney Plus. Two of those titles are now available to all Disney Plus subscribers without an extra fee. Below is a full rundown of Premier Access titles released so far, along with details on when all members can watch them without paying extra.

Is Mulan on Disney plus Premier Access?

"Mulan" is the first movie to hit the "Premier Access" side of Disney Plus. (Image credit: First there was Disney Plus. Now, there's Disney+ Premier Access.

What is a Disney+ premium subscription?

In the case of Disney+, it means a higher level of access — one that will let you watch a piece of content on Disney+, provided that you pay an additional fee for that piece of content. It's not a higher subscription level — just a name for content that floats above everything you get with a normal Disney+ subscription.

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