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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to dispose of fluorescent tubes?

Fortunately, even with these regulations, there are still several easy ways for you to get rid of old fluorescent tubes safely and legally. These include recycling them, taking them to a hazardous waste collection center, or even mailing them back to your lamp supplier. Turn off power to the light fixture and remove the tube.

Are there any hazardous materials associated with disposing of fluorescent tubes?

The mercury inside fluorescent tube lights is hazardous, so extra care should be taken to ensure that this material doesn’t leak. In some areas, it’s actually illegal to dispose of fluorescent tubes in the trash, so be sure to follow the proper steps in recycling your fluorescent tubes to avoid breaking the law or damaging people’s health.

Where can I find an e-waste facility for fluorescent tube disposal?

Families looking to properly dispose of fluorescent tubes can find a local electronic recycling facility or community e-waste event that offers free fluorescent tubes recycling. Another great resource is using the web by simply typing “ fluorescent tubes recycling near me ” in a search engine such as Google.

Are fluorescent tubes recyclable?

The broken fluorescent tubes can be recycled along with those that remain intact. Remember, do NOT use standard vacuum cleaners. There are specially designed vacuum cleaning machines which are rated for handling hazardous wastes. Where Can You Recycle Fluorescent Tubes?

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