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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a distribution network?

A distribution network can be seen as the flow of goods from a producer or supplier to an end consumer. The network consists of storage facilities, warehouses, and transportation systems that support the movement of goods until they reach the end consumer.

How to optimize your distribution network and supply chain?

Therefore, they need to be set up in a way that allows for long-term optimization. In order to determine the ideal and efficient distribution network and supply chain, the satisfaction of customer demand comes into play. Satisfying overall customer demand has to be done at low costs and required service levels.

What is a distribution partnership?

In November 1968, a group of seven business owners created a distribution partnership, allowing them to increase their reach and provide products and services to large, regional customers. As a collective force, they expanded to servicing national accounts and grew into the Network of today.

What is network supply management?

Network is designed to deliver supply management solutions, around the globe. Centralized control combined with the power of local expertise means Network supports you everywhere, from your corporate office to individual locations. Our service capabilities extend to more than fifty countries offering a truly global solution.

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