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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Excel calculate division with remainders?

How to Make Excel Calculate Division With Remainders. 1. Launch Microsoft Excel and open a new, blank worksheet. 2. Enter the top number of a fraction or the number to the left of the division sign (the dividend) into cell A1. For the division problem '9/4,' type '9' (no quotes) and press 'Enter.'. 3.

How to divide numbers without remainders?

The divisor is the number you're dividing by. Divide the first number of the dividend, 4 by the divisor, 32. 4 divided by 32 is 0, with a remainder of 4. You can ignore the remainder for now. Put the 0 on top of the division bracket. This is the beginning of the quotient answer.

What is 749 divided by 4 with remainders?

When you divide one number by another, sometimes the division is nice and even. Four (4) divided by two (2) gives you the quotient of two (2). But what happens if you divide five (5) by two (2)? Two goes into five two times, but then there is this pesky one (1) l eft over. That amount is called the remainder.

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