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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the divisions of football?

For every sport but football, the NCAA divides schools into three major divisions: NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NCAA Division III. However, in football, Division I is further divided into two sub-divisions: the Bowl Subdivision, abbreviated as the FBS, and the Championship Subdivision, abbreviated as the FCS.

What are division facts?

Division Facts. These are basic practice division worksheets designed to work as one minute timed tests or exercise for simple division problems. Each set of division worksheets focuses on a specific set of division problems with a common divisor. Each division facts worksheet in this series focuses on division problems with a specific divisor.

What is simple division?

simple division in British. (ˈsɪmpəl dɪˈvɪʒən) noun. mathematics. a type of division to find out how many times the smaller number is contained in the larger one. It is sometimes possible to produce a recognisable vulgar fraction which will reduce to simple division.

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