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Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct messaging engine dme2?

DME2 is the second version of the Direct Messaging Engine available under the AT&T Frameworks and Tools (AFT) umbrella. DME2 will efficiently transport JMS (Java Message Service) data using HTTP protocols and without intermediate brokers. Additionally, DME2 can be used instead of vendor HTTP stacks or in proxy mode.

What is dme2 and why should you care?

Additionally, DME2 can be used instead of vendor HTTP stacks or in proxy mode. A key benefit of DME2 is that it allows the dynamic routing of messages based upon data, business partner or geographic affinity. It also has capabilities supporting dynamic registration, load balancing and failover for service endpoints.

How does dme2 handle multiple failover attempts?

For a request with stream payload, DME2 will ignore any failover attempts on the same request and return the error, as stream cannot be read twice. The following shows an example client implementation that does not block waiting for a reply until it is ready. This allows other code to execute during the callout to the server.

How do I set the binding provider for a dme2 service Uri?

For most providers, you can simply set the BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY to that of the DME2 service URI you are building a client for. In some cases, however, the provider may have a check to validate the URI is a valid network URL.

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