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Why is DNA replication called a semi-conservative operation?

As the DNA double helix is unwound by helicase, replication occurs separately on each template strand in antiparallel directions. This process is known as semi-conservative replication because two copies of the original DNA molecule are produced . Each copy contains one original strand and one newly-synthesized strand.

Why is DNA replication is a semi-conservative process?

Introduction to DNA Replication Summary. DNA replication occurs through a semiconservative mechanism, because each new molecule is made up of one old strand and one new strand. Mechanism of DNA replication. DNA replication is defined as semiconservative. This means each strand in the DNA double helix acts as a template for the synthesis of a new, complementary ... Process of DNA replication. To start the process of DNA replication, the two strands of the helix have to be separated, to allow the binding of the replication machinery. More items...

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