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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 steps of DNA replication?

Three basic steps involved in DNA replication are Initiation, elongation and termination. I. Initiation. Step 1: Binding of DNA around an initiator protein complex DNA-A ATP ~30-40. The DNA B or helicase unwinds ori C (origin of replication) and extends the single stranded region for copying.

What are the steps involved in DNA replication?

Replication occurs in three major steps: the opening of the double helix and separation of the DNA strands, the priming of the template strand, and the assembly of the new DNA segment. During separation, the two strands of the DNA double helix uncoil at a specific location called the origin.

What is the Order of events in DNA replication?

DNA, found within the nucleus, must be replicated in order to ensure that each new cell receives the correct number of chromosomes. The process of DNA duplication is called DNA replication. Replication follows several steps that involve multiple proteins called replication enzymes and RNA.

What is the end result of DNA replication?

In respect to this, what is the end product of DNA replication? The result of DNA replication is two DNA molecules consisting of one new and one old chain of nucleotides. This is why DNA replication is described as semi-conservative, half of the chain is part of the original DNA molecule, half is brand new.

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