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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DNA replication and translation?

DNA replication occurs in preparation for cell division, while transcription happens in preparation for protein translation. DNA replication is important for properly regulating the growth and division of cells.

Why does DNA need to replicate?

DNA replication needs to occur because existing cells divide to produce new cells. Each cell needs a full instruction manual to operate properly. So the DNA needs to be copied before cell division so that each new cell receives a full set of instructions!

Which type of replication takes place in DNA?

The DNA replication in prokaryotes takes place in the following place: The two strands of DNA unwind at the origin of replication. Helicase opens the DNA and replication forks are formed. The DNA is coated by the single-strand binding proteins around the replication fork to prevent rewinding of DNA. Topoisomerase prevents the supercoiling of DNA. RNA primers are synthesised by primase. ... More items...

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