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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the base pairs of DNA and RNA?

base pair. Any of the pairs of nucleotides connecting the complementary strands of a molecule of DNA or RNA and consisting of a purine linked to a pyrimidine by hydrogen bonds. The base pairs are adenine-thymine and guanine-cytosine in DNA, and adenine-uracil and guanine-cytosine in RNA or in hybrid DNA-RNA pairing.

What makes RNA different from DNA?

Hoogsteen Base pairs. RNA differs from DNA in that each RNA molecule is only a single strand of nucleotides, and is much shorter. An RNA molecule is created by matching the sequence of exposed nucleotides on the unzipped DNA molecule. The RNA is an inverse copy of the gene, like a negative film image.

Which is better DNA or RNA?

DNA is a better genetic material than RNA as: 1. The 2-OH group present at every nucleotide in RNA is reactive and makes RNA labile and degradable. But, DNA is less reactive and structurally more stable.

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