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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a DND dice roller for master the dungeon?

About Master the Dungeon's DnD Dice Roller In our quest to continue to provide better resources to the Dungeons & Dragons community, we built our own dice roller that is free to use and has useful built in features for your game. This dice roller comes in direct response to the long abandoned ones offered by Wizards.

How do you play D&D Online with dice roller?

Play your game online with a D&D dice roller directly on your character sheet! Have all the digital dice you need at the push of a button to meet any challenge your DM throws at you.

How many dice do you need to roll in DND?

So for example, a D&D player who was rolling a strength score for a new character would need to roll 3d6, or three(3) 6-sided dice. DnD Dice Roller allows all types of dice rolls required by D&D and most other tabletop games, as per the table below.

What is dice roller and how can it help you?

DnD Dice Roller can help when the dice rolls get too large or to save time during preparation and gameplay.

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