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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spells available to Druids in DND 5th Edition?

Polymorph is commonly considered one of the more powerful fourth level spells in 5th Edition. It’s almost a given that a druid will take this once it's available to them. This spell’s greatest strength is in its versatility.

What is the best level 1 druid spell?

While Ice Knife is an excellent damage spell, and other 1st-level spells let you deal damage or enhance damage, this spell takes the cake. The wave of thunder that you create deals 2d8 of damage, and pushes creatures 10 ft away from you. This is a great combination of control and damage for such a low level.

What are the 6th-level Druid spells?

Bones of the Earth is a very versatile spell and one of the best sixth-level spells for druids in 5e. The spell Tsunami creates a truly massive wall of water — up to 300 feet long and high. The wave moves 50 feet per round and will sweep up and carry away everything in its path.

How effective is druidcraft as a spell?

Druids are one of the best spellcasting classes in D&D. The class' power mainly comes from its command of primal divine magic. It's an excellent class for those who want to heal and buff allies, or turn nature itself against their enemies. Druid spells rival the wizard's in terms of usefulness, with some genuine standouts.

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