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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all rational functions have inverses?

So to answer your question, all rational functions have inverses. But only one-to-one rational functions have inverses that are also functions . Similar Asks

Do polynomial functions have asymptotes?

A polynomial has no asymptotes, vertical, horizontal, or of the form y = mx + b. Well, yes... but this is the useless wordy version that's only good for telling things to people! What you need to do is come up with a useful version that is a precise statement that you might be able to prove or disprove!

Can continuous function have asymptotes?

Continuous functions are functions that have no restrictions throughout their domain or a given interval. Their graphs won’t contain any asymptotes or signs of discontinuities as well. The graph of $f (x) = x^3 – 4x^2 – x + 10$ as shown below is a great example of a continuous function’s graph.

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