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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Silkies always get picked on?

Yes, possibly... a lot of it depends on the temperament of your current birds. Silkies can get picked on because they're small, docile and simply look "different" but doesn't mean that will happen for sure. If your flock is pretty laid back and you have no bullying and plenty of space, it might work out.

Do Silkies taste good?

Do Silkie chicken eggs taste good? Absolutely! Their eggs are smaller than your average hen – which is no surprise as these bantam Silkies are small. They taste the same as normal eggs, although they tend to bigger yolks. Are Silkie eggs good eating? Yes, you can eat Silkie eggs. Ands they are really nice as well.

Are Silkies good laying hens?

In terms of laying eggs, Silkies are poor performers. You can get only about 120 eggs per year from a good-laying Silkie. This means getting about 3 eggs per week. The colors of their eggs are cream and tinted. They can either be small or medium. Unlike other hens though, Silkies lay eggs earlier.

What age do Polands and Silkies start to lay eggs?

What age do silkie chickens lay eggs? Make sure your chickens are old enough to lay. Silkies can start to lay at around 7 to 9 months of age, although some will not lay until they are much older. The older a silkie is when she begins to lay, the more eggs she is likely to produce. Click to see full answer.

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