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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dockatot for Fall 2020?

For Fall 2020, DockATot collaborates with storied British design house Morris & Co. on an exciting new collection of beautiful essentials for the nursery, home and beyond. Love, luxury and timelessness are at the heart of this exclusive new collection for style-conscious parents.

What is dockatot's new collaboration with Morris and co?

The intersection between fashion and function inspires all DockATot products and this new collaboration is the perfect example. The new collection of docks showcase a curated selection of Morris’ classically ornate designs, depicting swirling plants, flowers and elegant gardens.

What are people saying about the dockatot?

"Absolutely love the DockATot and bring it everywhere we go. Our favorite baby item by far!" Couldn't Survive Without This! "4 weeks on and couldn't have survived without this. It's so beautifully made and worth every cent. Will definitely be purchasing the next size up when the time comes."

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