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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of expose in Docker file?

The EXPOSE instruction exposes a particular port with a specified protocol inside a Docker Container. In the simplest term, the EXPOSE instruction tells Docker to get all its information required during the runtime from a specified Port. These ports can be either TCP or UDP, but it's TCP by default.

What are Docker commands?

Docker provides a very powerful command diff which lists the changes in the files and directories. The changes include addition, deletion and those represented by the A, D and C flags, respectively. This command improves debugging processes and allows faster sharing of environments.

How to publish ports in Docker files?

Docker doesn't publish exposed ports by itself. You have to tell it what to do explicitly. If you provide the -P (NOTE: the letter is upper-case) option when running your container, it will bind each exposed port to a random ports of the host. You can use -p options to publish single ports.

What is Docker export?

The docker export command does not export the contents of volumes associated with the container. If a volume is mounted on top of an existing directory in the container, docker export will export the contents of the underlying directory, not the contents of the volume.

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