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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install dockerdocker compose on Linux?

Docker Compose is not pre-installed with Docker on Linux. See for installation instructions: Install Compose on Linux Log messages go to the console and are handled by the configured Docker logging driver. By default you can access logs with docker logs.

How do I install Docker on Ubuntu?

Run the following command in the terminal window: sudo apt install Type y and hit Enter to confirm the installation. Once the install is completed, the output notifies you Docker has been installed.

What does installing docker now give you?

Installing Docker now gives you not just the Docker service (daemon) but also the docker command line utility, or the Docker client. We’ll explore how to use the docker command later in this tutorial.

How do I install Elasticsearch on Docker Compose?

Instructions for installing it can be found on the Docker Compose webpage. The node elasticsearch listens on localhost:9200 while elasticsearch2 talks to elasticsearch over a Docker network. This example also uses Docker named volumes , called esdata1 and esdata2 which will be created if not already present.

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