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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Windows OS in Docker?

Applications that run on docker are limited to applications that are natively supported by the host operating system. In other words, Docker for Windows can only host Windows applications inside Docker containers, and Docker on Linux supports only Linux apps.

How to check Docker version?

After you have successfully installed Docker, you can check the docker version with the following command: docker version The output will be similar to the following: This docker version command gives you greater detail about the version of Docker engine installed on your system.

Does Docker need hardware virtualization?

Does Docker use Hardware Virtualization? The short answer is: no. Docker needs a 64-bit Linux OS running a modern enough kernel to operate properly. Which means if that what you have happily running on your hardware without hw virtualization support, it will be plenty enough for Docker.

What are Docker commands?

Docker provides a very powerful command diff which lists the changes in the files and directories. The changes include addition, deletion and those represented by the A, D and C flags, respectively. This command improves debugging processes and allows faster sharing of environments.

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