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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start Nginx and PHP-FPM on container startup?

The entrypoint.shwill run Nginx and php-fpm on container startup (otherwise only php-fpm will be started as the default action of the official PHP image): #!/usr/bin/env bash service nginx start php-fpm Of course, this is not the best way from the best practice perspective, but I hope this is the answer to your question. Update:

Why can't I run PHP-FPM in a docker container?

Basically, the "problem" is, that the container doesn't have a long running process / service defined, (as the php-fpm or the nginx containers do later on). To keep the container alive, we need to add the -i flag to the docker run command:

How does Nginx connect to a docker container?

When you add containers to a Docker bridge network they all automatically get a hosts file update which puts in their container name against their IP address. So when Nginx sees that it will know to contact the PHP-FPM container you named php-fpm earlier and assigned to your mynetwork Docker network.

What is the difference between Nginx and PHP-FPM?

As previous answers have solved for, but should be stated very explicitly: the php code needs to live in the php-fpm container, while the static files need to live in the nginx container. For simplicity, most people have just attached all the code to both, as I have also done below.

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