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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Nginx service not working with docker compose?

The main problem is the way that you named the services names. In this case, if in your docker-compose.yml, the service for php are called "api" or something like that, you must ensure that in the file nginx.conf the line that begins with fastcgi_pass have the same name as the php service. i.e fastcgi_pass api:9000; Show activity on this post.

Why is my Nginx server name not working?

This usually means that the dns name you provided as upstream server cannot be resolved. To test it, log on nginx server and try pinging upstream server provided and see if the name resolution completes correctly, If its a docker container try docker exec -it to get a shell, then try pinging the upstream to test the name resolution.

What port does Nginx use?

I mapped Nginx to port 8084 on the host machine, you are free to map it to any available port on the host machine. That's all. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

What is the default timeout for Nginx containers?

By default, the parameter is set to 10 seconds. To be precise your modified nginx config file should be as follows (this script is assuming that all the containers are up by 25 seconds at least, if not, please change the fail_timeout or max_fails in below upstream section): Note: I didn't test the script myself, so you could give it a try!

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